Xamarin Forms 5.0 Online Training Course

In this course, you will be introduced to Xamarin Forms 5.0 development and the the power of XAML to create declarative style applications. You will also interact with external Web APIs to create dynamic apps and learn how to leverage the Visual Studio App Center to build, test, distribute and monitor your mobile applications for iOS and Android.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
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This is a 3 half days online training class (4 hours a day)

Starting at 9:00 am and ending at 1:00 pm EST for 3 consecutive days

Day 1:

  • Introductions and setting expectations
  • Setup the environment on Windows and Macs
    • Visual Studio
    • Android Setup
    • iOS setup
  • Setup the enterprise grade development environment
    • Github / Azure DevOps
    • Visual Studio App Center
    • Link Github to App Center
  • The structure of a Xamarin Forms project
    • .NET Standard Shared Library
    • UWP
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Page Types in XAML and C# codeFlyoutPage
    • ContentPage
    • NavigationPage
    • TabbedPage
    • TemplatePage
    • CarouselPage
    • FlyoutPage
  • Form Layouts in Xamarin Forms
    • Absolute
    • Relative
    • Stack
    • Grid
    • Flex

Day 2:

  • Forms Styles in Xamarin FormsData Binding in Xamarin Forms
    • Local resources
    • Application Resources
    • Dictionary Resources
    • Using CSS styles
  • Working with Images and Videos in Xamarin Forms
  • Data Binding in Xamarin forms
  • MVVM for enterprise grade applications in Xamarin forms
  • Using Xamarin Essentials
    • Sensors on Phones
    • Battery

 Day 3:

  • Using REST API HTTPClient in Xamarin Forms
  • Setting up Visual Studio App Center
    • Signing and deployment in Android
    • Signing and deployment in iOS
    • Testing using the Test Center
  • A tour of the Apple Store Development requirements
  • Using TestFlight for iOS apps
  • A tour of the Google Play Development requirements
  • Using Google Play Inside Testing for Android apps.
  • Advanced topics: (optional)
    • Storyboard – Creating Splash Screens
    • OnPlatform specific execution on Android or iOS only
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