Mobile Dev Stack Update with Lino Tadros

How is mobile development evolving? Carl and Richard talk to Lino Tadros about his current work building mobile apps with lots of different technologies. Lino talks about build mobile apps natively with Objective-C and Java as well as a variety of hybrid approaches: C# using Xamarin, Javascript/HTML with Cordova and even good old fashion responsive web design. So what works best for you? Lino highlights some strengths and weaknesses of the different platforms, recognizing that it mostly comes down to skillset - what tools are you most comfortable with? That's what ultimately makes the difference. No matter how good a tool is, your ability to use it has the largest impact on how well your mobile app turns out.


Hybrid Mobile Development Update with Lino Tadros

Carl and Richard talk to Lino Tadros about his viewpoint on doing mobile development using the plethora of cross-platform development tools available today. First up - Xamarin's tools for building iOS and Android apps. Windows Phone also makes an appearance, especially with Xamarin Forms. The Xamarin stack continues to evolve and improve, and Lino is pretty impressed. Then it's over to the HTML/JavaScript world of Adobe Cordova, with implementations in Visual Studio as well as the Telerik Platform. Lino talks about its strengths around working beyond even the three top mobile platforms for when you really want to deal with the long tail, but the implementations vary a bit, leading to the ecosystem of plugins to fill in the gaps. Both these approaches work, Lino focuses in on the skillsets needed, and reminds of the reality - there is no cross-platform solution out there that doesn't demand you understand the platforms you're working with.


Designers and Developers at DevReach!

While at DevReach 2010 in Bulgaria, Carl and Richard talk to Scott Stanfield, Stephen Forte and Lino Tadros about the working relationship between developers and designers. The conversation explores a number of platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry, Silverlight, Flash and more.


Lino Tadros goes Old School on us

Lino Tadros of Borland and Falafel Software fame takes us back to when he worked for Anders Hejlsberg at Borland. Good stories from an old-school geek!

William Shatner

Moving America Forward with William Shatner

Lino Tadros interviewed by William Shatner on Moving America Forward, June 2015 and receiving the Entrepreneur Award in Los Angeles

Technology and Friends

Lino Tadros on Cross Platform Mobile Dev

Lino Tadros interviewed by David Giard on Technology and Friends, talking about Cross Platform Mobile Development


.NET Rocks Live Session: Starting Your Own Software Business

Join Carl and Richard from .NET Rocks as they talk to Stephen Forte, Tim Huckaby and Lino Tadros about the trials and tribulations of starting your own software business. They'll argue the pluses and minuses of making a product versus consulting, hiring, firing, when to quit and when to work harder. Thinking of starting your own software business? Then this live recording of a .NET Rocks episode is just for you!

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