Sitefinity Insight Workshop


This is a 3 day workshop private to an organization from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Online or Onsite)

Sitefinity Insight for Marketers is a unified marketing command center that enables businesses to drive growth by understanding and optimizing every customer’s individual journey. This course is designed to develop the skills needed to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences via the web and other digital channels using Sitefinity Insight. Make sure your team has the skills needed to set-up personas, connect data sources, track conversations, measure attribution, manage profiles, score leads and optimize reporting using Sitefinity Insight Training.


  • Introduction to Sitefinity Insight
  • Understanding of the organization needs and goals
  • Planning and Set-Up of Insight with the organization's site.
  • Connecting Datasources – Azure Data Factory and CSV format for ingestion
  • User Management and access to Sitefinity Insight
  • Tracking a Site (Sitefinity and Non-Sitefinity)
  • Collecting Data (Legal Aspects and GDPR)
  • Visitor vs Contact vs Persona
  • Creating Personas based on the organization's needs and goals
  • Set up Lead Scoring based on the organization's needs and goals
  • Define Conversions based on the organization's needs and goals
  • Define Touchpoints and link them to conversions based on the organization's needs and goals
  • How to measure Attributions and get insights about KPIs for the business
  • How to create User Segments and link them to the personalization Engine
  • Use Workato for workflow design and execution for the organization's needs and goals
  • Create A/B Testing in Sitefinity Insight based on the organization's needs and goals

* This class is for a specific organization (private) with a maximum of 8 attendees.  For onsite in the USA, flight and accommodations will be added to the invoice. 

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