ASP.NET Core Training Class


This is a 3 day Hands-On training class for a private setting to a single organization

In this 3-day hands on workshop, we will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Structure of ASP NET MVC Core (.NET 8) Project
  • Structure of ASP NET Core (.NET 8) Razor Project
  • Basic fundamentals of ASP NET MVC Core (.NET 8)
  • Integrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to Users
  • Interact with Razor class library for Identity
  • Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrations
  • Sessions in ASP NET Core (.NET 8)
  • Custom Tag Helpers in ASP NET Core (.NET 8)
  • View Components and Partial Views in ASP NET Core
  • Bootstrap v5
  • Authentication and Authorization in ASP NET Core (.NET 8)
  • Google and Facebook Authentication/Login
  • Role Management in ASP NET Core Identity
  • Email notifications
  • TempData in ASP NET Core (.NET 8)
  • Repository Pattern to Access Database
  • Seed Database Migrations Automatically
  • Deploying website on Microsoft Azure

Attendee Workstation Requirements:

You must provide your own computer (Windows or Mac) for this hands-on lab workshop with a camera, wired Internet connection, speakers, and a microphone.

Your computer must have Visual Studio 2022 install (any SKU) and have access to MS SQL Server (SQL Express locally is ok) and access to the internet for installing NUGET packages.

** This is a Private class for a maximum of 10 attendees and you get to choose the date and time of delivery.  (US East and West coast, Europe and Far East friendly times)

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