Celebrating Sitefinity .NET Core in version 14

Sitefinity has been a great Content Management System for almost 2 decades and the fact that it is still, till now, based on ASP.NET Web Forms architecture, a 21 year old technology, is amazing considering the quality and speed of the system.  

Even though the Sitefinity architects in Sofia, Bulgaria have done an amazing job enabling the use of pure MVC architecture and the use of pure Bootstrap templates to speed up the system, it is difficult to keep up with all the Web innovation that keeps coming up MONTHLY, seems like 😊

Some teams want to take advantage of Angular, others want to use React, some want to use Vue.  How can Sitefinity set the infrastructure, Page model, Content Model in a way to allow such innovation without tightly coupling the system to a specific technology?

We have been fortunate to witness the progress of Sitefinity in the last couple of years while building the future of our beloved product. Today, you can install the Beta of Sitefinity 14 (shipping Soon) and have access to the initial building blocks of moving Sitefinity to the .NET Core infrastructure.

What does .NET Core bring to the table?

The fact that we will not need to run Sitefinity on Windows Operating Systems only, is a significant change. You will be able to run Sitefinity on Windows, Linux and Macs if you wish too.

It will be much easier to package Sitefinity in Containers and deploy Sitefinity using Docker or use Kubernetes Services to scale and take advantage of Sitefinity Modularity, lightweight and flexibility.

According to Web Framework Benchmarks, ASP.NET Core can handle over 7,000,000 requests per second, yes you read that correctly (7 million). To compare, Node.js can handle 665,000 requests per second and the old ASP.NET Framework can handle no more than 80,000 requests per second.  Hopefully that shows what ASP.NET Core is going for, exceptional Enterprise applications that require scale, speed and dependability.

I wish to take you on an exciting journey to show you how you can work with Sitefinity and the .NET Core system today.
Install Sitefinity 14 Beta from your account on Sitefinity.com or you can even start by installing the trial of Sitefinity 13.3 if you would like.







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